Friday, 29 June 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Looking Amazing in your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are some of the most important keepsakes from your big day, and will be the constant reminder of such a special event in your life. Although we all love the ‘natural’ shots, which capture the fun and spontaneous moments, it is always good to be fully prepared for your big day so that each and every photo makes you go “wow”! Here are a few tips to capture that perfect shot:


Before the wedding:

©       Practice your smile. I know this sounds a little ridiculous but the more your practice, the more natural your smile will be and you will feel completely comfortable when the camera is pointing your way.

©       Research your photographer. Have a look at their gallery and see which of their photos stand out. Each photographer has their own style so it is good to be prepared.

©       Have a hair and makeup trial. It is really important that you feel comfortable on your special day so you need to ensure you are happy with how your hair and makeup looks and feels. Take some photos to see how your ‘look’ translates into digital pictures.

©       Book a manicure. Your rings deserve a photo too so make sure your fingers as pretty as possible!


On the big day:

©       Achieve the best pose. Like all celebrities on the red carpet, you can make sure you show off your best side and strike the most flattering pose. Try angling your body so you are not straight on to the camera, and put your weight on your back foot. This creates a slimmer profile.

©       Smile with your eyes. Make sure you connect and engage with the camera.

©       Elongate your neck to avoid slouching, and lift your chin slightly. This will lengthen your body and produce a beautiful silhouette.

©       Hold your bouquet at your hip. This will ensure your dress is in full view and by keeping your forearms at a 45 degree angle, you will make your body look long and lean.

©       Most importantly, enjoy every minute of your special day and your love and happiness will create the best possible photos to appreciate for a lifetime. 

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