Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Pets and Your Wedding

With almost half of all adults in the UK owning a pet, it is no surprise that people want them to feature more and more in their special day. Pets are like children, and you wouldn’t want your darling offspring to miss your wedding, so why would you exclude your furry friends? There are so many great ways to incorporate your adorable pets in your wedding, even if they can’t make it to the day itself.

©       Use your pet to propose! A simple sign around their neck, or a ring hanging from their collar…who could possibly say no?


©       Let them star on your ‘save the dates’ or invitations. A family photo or a simple paw mark is a lovely way to personalise your wedding stationary.

©       If you are having engagement photos, take your four-legged friend(s) along – this is a sure way to create the most adorable photos that you will treasure for life.

©     Find out if your venue allows pets on site. They will no doubt have ‘rules’ regarding pet care, however, it is always worth checking. Your pet could have the important job of Ring Bearer or a Flower Girl escort.


©       If you have a horse, why not ride to your ceremony?

©       Your wedding photos wouldn’t be complete without your dog/cat/tortoise!


©      Commission a custom pet-inspired cake topper. Or you could go one step further and feature your pet on the cake design itself.



If you would like to include your pet at your Berkeley Castle wedding, please contact Pippa or Jenny to discuss logistics!



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