Monday, 3 December 2018

A Merry Christmas to you all!

Another year has passed and we find ourselves in December once more. Always a magical time of year, and this is especially true at the Castle as our wonderful couples say “I do”. The tree lights are twinkling and the fires are roaring... there really is no better place to celebrate such a special day.

It is a wonderful time to reflect on the year and remember fondly the weddings that have taken place throughout the seasons. We had the heavy snow at the beginning of the year which blanketed the Castle and grounds. Our team would not be defeated and were out shovelling pathways so that the intrepid guests could join in the celebrations.
The spring brought blue skies and our gardens blossomed in the warmer air. The lily pads reawakened as their fuchsia buds nudged out of the pond. Our couples, once again, ventured outside as they entertained their guests whilst enjoying the beautiful views over the Meadow.

The summer came early with unusually hot temperatures from May through to August. Ice lollies, garden games and refreshing cocktails were the must-haves. It felt more like the South Mediterranean than Gloucestershire with searing heat and bright turquoise skies.


As schools went back, and the nights drew in, autumn was a mixed season alternating between beautifully bright, and wet & windy. Thankfully, the Castle is extremely adaptable and can handle any weather condition! The fires were finally lit in November which marks the start of our final weeks, as we make our way towards the Christmas break.
It has been a truly wonderful year at the Castle, as we have witnessed 52 very special couples promise a lifetime of love and commitment to each other. We really couldn’t wish for a better job, or a more beautiful place to work #bestjobintheworld



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