Monday, 16 July 2018

How to make your wedding unique

It is all very well seeking ideas from Instagram and Pinterest, and we actively encourage our clients to do so, however, why not step away from all the ‘latest trends’ and create a day that is exclusively about you and your partner. Here are some suggestions to help you create a completely unique wedding.
If you have decided to have readings during your Ceremony why not take inspiration from your favourite children’s book, or maybe a much-loved poem. And consider writing your own vows where you can include promises that mean the most to the two of you.

When selecting your music, choose particular songs that evoke certain memories, or that even make you laugh. Are you a huge Disney fan, or is there a classic pop song that people would associate with you? Think outside the box.


Choosing your drinks is also a great chance to express your individualism. Have you got a favourite drink that everyone knows you love? Maybe a Cosmopolitan, or a particular cider is your tipple of choice. Your guests will love these individual touches.


When deciding upon favours, you could take each guest and think of something that is personal to them. Is there a private joke between you that you can use as a little gift? If one of your guests is known for loving a certain type of crisp, for example, you could put a bag of them on their seat. You can guarantee that your guests will enjoy both your humour and thoughtfulness.

Speeches also offer the perfect opportunity to get really personal. You can share your memorable moments with your guests, and the funny little oddities which made you fall head over heels for your partner. Having the traditional Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man speeches means that every angle of your lives together can be captured. It is now more and more common that the Bride or a bridesmaid will speak too.


If you are very creative, you can use your skills to design your own ‘wedding brand’. This could be a symbol or image that you can print on all your stationary from the invitations to the name places and table plan. You could add objects to your flower arrangement, or even onto your cake, which can all tie into one specific design. If you love pineapples, for example, you can find a print that you love which shouts tropical, or if butterflies are your thing, why not find a species that matches your colour theme and go from there. 



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