Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Ultimate Guide To...Speeches

Every few months we will be featuring an ‘Ultimate Guide to…’ post. These will range from dress picking to slashing your guest list and so on.

This month we are dealing with the Wedding Speeches.

The traditional format for wedding speeches is that the Father of the Bride speaks first, thanking guests for coming and toasting his daughter and her new husband. The Groom follows, thanking everyone who has helped with his special day, and toasting the Bridesmaids. Finally, the Best Man speaks about the groom, often regaling amusing and embarrassing stories.

It is most common that speeches happen after the wedding breakfast. However, some couples will choose to have them before, or even dotted between courses.

Although traditions have a very important place during a wedding, sometimes it can be nice to go ‘off piste”. Here are some quirky ideas to mix it up a little:

-          Why not do a song or a rap if you are musically gifted? One of the most famous examples is Tom Fletcher (McFly) whose 15 minute song speech is a YouTube sensation. Check it out for inspiration! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27WufdasQYs

-          A flash dance. Persuade your bridal party to perform an energetic dance routine – that’s sure to get the party started.

-          A Bride’s speech – it is still considered unusual and is a lovely surprise for your guests. It is also rather nice to have a ‘female’ voice where you can thank who you would like to thank, rather than someone doing it on ‘your behalf’.  Your husband will love it too as it takes the pressure off him, and he will be full of pride when you can get his mates giggling, and his mother teary-eyed!

-          Props – these can be a great addition to a speech and be incredibly entertaining for your guests. A flip chart of photos (from cute baby pics to embarrassing stag do photos) or even a video link to guests that can’t be there are great ideas.

-          Host an interactive ‘game show’ style speech…asking the audience to participate is a fun way to keep everyone interested.

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