Monday, 20 May 2019

The List: Part 2 - Photographers & Videographers

The next instalment in our ‘List’ is all about photographers & videographers. Arguably, these professionals are up there with the most important suppliers you will hire. They will be capturing your day, your memories and telling the story of your special day.  Our ‘Little White Book’ has a number of brilliant photographers & videographer who we would recommend, and here are just a couple that we love.
Adam Drake Photography
Adam & Lucy Drake specialise in a relaxed and unobtrusive approach, capturing the true spirit of your wedding through a true documentary style. In addition to the story telling documentary images they capture some group images and shots of the both of you. With their unique approach they record the true essence of your wedding providing you with a visual story of your day. It is their belief that you should enjoy your day, it is after all your wedding day and not a photo shoot which is why they have created our unique method of capturing your day.
Jon Harper Wedding Photography
Jon’s approach is unobtrusive, relaxed and fun. While you're busy living in the moment, he will be busy capturing it for you to share with your children in years to come.
From the nervous bridal preparations to the tears of joy and those big belly laughs, you can look forward to beautiful, natural photographs that perfectly depict the fun and emotion of your day.
Unlike lots of photographers, Jon goes the extra mile to guarantee no special detail of your day is missed. If that means staying up past bedtime to make sure there is photographic evidence of the shapes being thrown on the dance floor, he'll be there. @jonharperweddingphotography
Caroline Alexander
With Caroline as your wedding photographer you get someone who is there, on your side, to capture your day for you but through her eyes. You won’t need to worry about what she is doing, she will just be there quietly in the background, photographing what she see. Many of her clients comment that they feel like they’ve just got a friend along with them for the day, they see her as a reassuring, calm presence who they can lean on if they need to. Someone who is cheering them on inside yet there busily taking awesome photographs to remind them of how they feel, in that moment, for the rest of their lives. @calexanderphoto


Heartfelt Productions

Heartfelt Productions is a small team of UK based artists dedicated to creating a wedding film that is as individual and unique as you are. Their shooting style is discreet and unobtrusive; they look for the subtle details that make the day yours. Heartfelt Productions offers couples a chance to remember every detail of their wedding day by reliving each moment. Their films are hand crafted in a way that transports you back to the day you said those vows.             @heartfeltvideoproductions


Shoot It Yourself

This innovative company have made it simple, fun and cost effective to produce a wonderful wedding video of your special day. They deliver one or two cameras to you and you then allocate a guest or multiple guests to video your wedding. Then simply send the video back, along with music choices etc. and they will professionally edit the video so it looks as perfect as possible.     @shootityourself


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